Motorcycle overtakes car too closely on KJE, hits side mirror and rides off, police investigating

Submitted by Stomper Jonathan

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A red Honda CB200X motorcycle hit the side mirror of a car while overtaking it on the Kranji Expressway heading towards the Pan-Island Expressway on Aug 15.

Sharing a video of the incident, Stomper Jonathan said: "My car was knocked by this motorbike in the morning and he rode away, leaving scratches on my side mirror."

In response to Stomp query, police confirmed a report was lodged and said investigations are ongoing.

The video shows the Stomper's car on the rightmost lane of the expressway with the motorcycle approaching from behind.

At first, the bus on the left of the car prevented the motorcycle from lane-splitting. But once the car moved ahead of the bus, leaving more room between the vehicles, the motorcycle sped up to overtake the car.

A sound can be heard in the video, indicating the moment the motorcycle hit the side mirror. The motorcyclist glanced back at the car, shook his head and accelerated away.

The Stomper can be heard sounding his horn.