Honda driver grazes auxiliary officer on expressway

A Honda driver was caught on video hitting an auxiliary officer.

In the video posted on's Facebook page, the black Honda is seen on the left-most lane on an expressway approaching the officer who is directing traffic away from that lane due to an obstruction ahead.

Instead of stopping or slowing down before changing lanes, the Honda driver grazes against the officer, startling him.

SLE8127Y Honda driver bangs into Auxillary Police Traffic Warden.

Do you think this Honda driver of SLE8127Y did it...

Posted by on Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Fortunately, he was not going fast enough to cause any apparent injury to the officer.

The caption for the video reads: "Do you think this Honda driver did it purposely or accidentally?

"This is super careless on the driver's part as the policeman was right in front of him and he did not move.

"Wishing officer not hurt in any way [sic]. "

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