Holland Close resident disgusted to find various "delicacies" dumped at staircase landing

Submitted by Stomper Jayson

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Stomper Jayson is frustrated and disgusted with people who have repeatedly dumped the remains of various meals at the staircase landing of Block 31 Holland Close.

He told Stomp that this has been happening for at least six months and always at the same location, the staircase near lift lobby A, between the fourth and fifth floor.

From the photos Jayson shared with Stomp, the food dumped at the staircase include fried bee hoon and rice.

"We have seen fried rice and other amazing delicacies for the past half year," he said.

Apart from the discarded food being an eyesore, it also poses a hygiene issue and might attract pests like rats and cockroaches to the area.

He does not know who has been doing this but he hopes some sort of action will be done to stop the dumping from happening.

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