HK actress live-streams getting 'robbed' in Malaysia, slammed for misleading viewers

Hong Kong actress Grace Lam Nga-Si recently arrived in Malaysia and live-streamed her experiences on the streets of Bentong.

Viewers were shocked when they tuned into the video and saw the celebrity getting robbed, her handbag appearing to have been snatched by a passer-by.

However, she reportedly said that she taken precautions by stepping aside and ensuring that her surroundings were safe before starting her live-stream.

According to Oriental Daily via World of Buzz, Grace said, "Thankfully my manager and local friends managed to help me catch the thief and I recovered my belongings."

Not long afterwards, Grace posted on Facebook to explain that the incident was merely for a shoot.

"Thank you for your concern, everyone. What happened at Malaysia yesterday was a misunderstanding. I’m sorry for the incident. If there is anything I’ve done wrong, I apologise," she wrote.

Angry netizens accused Grace of intentionally creating drama and hurting Malaysia's reputation.

Sinchew reported that the police are also demanding an explanation from her and may bar her from entering the country in future.

The star's Facebook account has since been removed.