HK actress Grace Chan posts lingerie pics and says 'sexy is strong', but some fans not impressed

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Apr 10, 2023

Hong Kong actress Grace Chan has decided to be shy no more.

In a recent Instagram post, the 31-year-old former beauty queen posted photos of herself in a lacy pink bra and robe, with the caption “sexy is strong”.

The mother of three said she wasn’t always so confident about showing skin, especially after becoming a mother.

“I used to feel incredibly shy to show a little skin because I was often worried what others would think. Am I dressing a bit too provocatively? Is it okay to wear this now that I'm a mum? 

“But to be honest, there are so many beautiful examples of women who are strong, independent, and sexy – the person that comes to mind right away? JLo, of course!”

“So instead of feeling self-conscious, I hope that these images bring to light a new MODERN way (of) sexiness that's not about showing off, but about showing STRONG!” she added.

Chan, a Hong Kong-born Canadian, made her name when she won the 2013 Miss Hong Kong pageant, and has since starred in numerous TV dramas since her debut in Overachievers (2014).

Married to Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng, her acting career took a backseat in 2019 when she gave birth to her first son. 


Reactions to her IG post have been mixed. While some followers complimented her photos, others expressed the sentiment that there are better ways to “express confidence”.

“How this is related to STRONG, and women empowering (themselves)... I don’t understand. It’s totally ok to be sexy and to tell others that you want to be sexy. However, I won’t teach my daughter that to show off some skin = new modern way to be strong and empowered,” said one comment.

Another said: “You can be sexy and classy and yet, not degrade yourself (by) showing the world your skin. There are other ways to show confidence and strength.”

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