Hit-and-run Subaru driver damages Stomper's car at Causeway Point carpark, police investigating

Submitted by Stomper Jack

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A woman driving a Subaru collided with Stomper Jack's car while parking in the carpark at Causeway Point on Oct 3 at 11.20am.

Jack was not in the car at that time, but the camera installed in the car next to him had recorded the incident.

The owner of the car next to him sent him the footage of the collision.

The woman drove into the carpark and reversed, hitting Jack's car in the process.

She proceeded to check the front of her car for damage and walked away after, leaving no way for Jack to contact her.

He said his car's bumper had dropped, the headlights were scratched and the hood of the car was dented.

Jack told Stomp that he later lodged a police report.

Responding to a Stomp query, the police confirm that a report has been lodged and investigations are ongoing.

When asked if he shared his encounter with Stomp after reading an earlier article about a similar hit-and-run incident, Jack responded: "I sent this to Stomp because actually, I read all your articles."

In that incident, a female driver who damaged a Stomper's car in a hit-and-run accident at Sunshine Place on Sep 24 came forward after Stomp published a video of the collision.

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