Hit-and-run culprit who banged into this cute pink bike at Yishun carpark, own up!

This might seem like any other report appealing for witnesses until you realise that it is no ordinary accident.

Primarily because it involves a cute bicycle for kids instead of a huge vehicle that is worth five or six figures.

Facebook user Hairil Shahrazzi cheekily posted on July 9:

"Help to spread this post so that the owner of the following bike can see.

"Happened at Yishun Block 121 at around 5pm+.

"I heard a loud bang and I looked out of the mirror. I saw your bike lying on the floor with the culprit nowhere to be seen.

"I tried to carry your bike on my own but luckily there were a few passers-by who helped me.

"If there are any witnesses, do approach me as we need to serve some justice.

"So far there's nothing much broken, just some scratches at your cover set and your brake lever is a bit dented.

"Thank you for spreading this and may the culprit be caught soon."

The serious tone of the appeal, accompanied by amusing pictures of the supposed hit-and-run accident, has led to Hairil's post going viral.