Hit-and-run caught on video: Toyota bumps into Stomper's car at Grange Road and keeps going

Submitted by Stomper Nick

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What was the rush?

A white Toyota bumped into another car while changing lanes at Grange Road near *Scape and did not stop.

The incident was caught on video taken by the rear and front dash cams of Stomper Nick's car on Oct 21 at 7.15pm.

The video shows the Toyota behind the Stomper's car at first on the rightmost lane accelerating to overtake a Mercedes-Benz.

The Toyota then cut across two lanes to overtake the Stomper's car and bumped into it, which is indicated in the video by the camera shake.

The Toyota can then be seen in the front dash cam footage hitting the right side of the Stomper's car as it cut into his lane.

The Toyota kept going forward and changed lanes again, eventually coming to a stop due to heavy traffic at a junction.

The Stomper said that his car had "scratches only" after the incident.

He added that he did not make a police report but has sent the dash cam footage to Traffic Police.