Hilarious video shows what you can take from hotels -- and what not to

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Ever wondered what items in a hotel room you can bring home and what you shouldn't? Let this funny video serve as a guide.

Several Stompers alerted Stomp to the informative clip after reading an earlier report about how an Indian family was caught stealing from a hotel in Bali.

Although the video was uploaded over a year ago, it remains relevant to date and even has several netizens commenting that they were watching it after learning of the Bali incident.

In the video, a woman clad in a bathrobe can be seen showing what items are safe for hotel guests to bring home in their luggage.

  • Help yourself to the toiletries, including the loofah and toilet paper, but please leave the hairdryer, towels and bathrobes alone.

  • Feel free to indulge in the coffee and tea, but kindly do not pocket the cups, cutlery or kettle.

  • Electrical appliances such as lamps and the television are obviously a no-no, so please put down the television remote and its batteries too.

  • Neither do the pillows, curtains or any furniture belong to you.

While some netizens praised the video for being amusing and timeless, others felt that you should not be taking anything at all from a hotel.

One user commented: "You cannot take anything from any hotel. All things are consumables for you to use there only."

Another said: "I don't think you should take any stuff home. Only use those things we need while you are staying there!"

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