High-rise litter in Punggol: Lit cigarette butt bounces off window, lands on chair inside home

Submitted by Stomper Jasper

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A chair is meant for butts but not this kind of butt.

The high-rise litter problem in Punggol is so bad that a discarded lit cigarette butt landed on a chair inside a home after bouncing off a window on Dec 5.

"Lit cigarette butts are being thrown out of the window at Block 102A Punggol Field," said Stomper Jasper, who shared a photo of the butt in a chair.

"The cigarette butt landed on the kitchen window and bounced onto our leather dining chair. It could've caused a fire if nobody realised the cigarette butt had landed on the chair."

The Stomper also shared photos of butts on the exterior ledge, ashes on the window sill and assorted detritus in the bird netting.

"Multiple reports to the National Environment Agency (NEA) made through the OneService app don't seem helpful as the authorities are not doing anything to solve the issue," said the Stomper.

NEA's reply was: "We have checked and informed the town council to distribute educational leaflets to the upper-floor neighbours, advising them against committing any high-rise littering offence.

"We are monitoring the high-rise littering situation with the town council and will not hesitate to take enforcement action."

The Stomper said that the littering has been an ongoing issue.

"We reported to the resident committee of our area a few years back and we were told that a camera would be installed to monitor the situation, but nothing was done."

Stomp has contacted NEA for more info.