Hey girl, no bus is worth risking your life to catch!

Submitted by Stomper Mattsng

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A young girl was caught on camera dashing across a busy road and trying to sprint past oncoming vehicles -- all to catch a bus.

Stomper Mattsng witnessed the incident that occurred along Toa Payoh Lorong 4 on Saturday afternoon (Nov 30), at 2.26pm.

Mattsng, who contributed dashboard footage of the harrowing sight, said: "This little girl beat the red light to chase for her bus.

"Both the bus beside me and I had to stop for her to cross the road.

"I got a shock as I had to stop and let her cross while worrying about the traffic behind as I had stopped suddenly.

"Also, I didn't see any adult with her at all."

In the video, the girl can first be seen dashing across the road and reaching the central road divider.

She then runs along the central road divider while making multiple attempts to cross the road.

Mattsng and an SBS Transit bus on his left can be seen stopping to let the girl go past, allowing her to run to the bus stop.