Hero helps Bangladeshi worker pay medical bill for his asthma attack

Would you willingly step in to foot an ailing stranger's medical bill of more than $80?

Most people would probably hesitate or at least expect the amount to be returned at a later date.

But not this Indian man who helped pay for a Bangladeshi worker's medical fees, with no questions asked.

Facebook user Christy Chia, who works at a clinic in Singapore, shared the heartwarming incident that she came across in a post dated May 13.

According to her, the worker had entered the clinic "with his dirty clothes and shoes" for an asthma attack.

The doctor at the clinic then referred him to the Accident & Emergency (A&E) department, which Christy felt would be even pricier for the worker.

Christy wrote in her post, "Doctor asked if there's any other alternative to help this man or not. And we came up with an alternative together.

"By right we can't do this, but by left we can't let the man go off like this. What if anything happens while he is on his way, then how?

"So we gave the man this alternative which is, we will go ahead to proceed the nebulizer for him, end of day he has to pay whatever amount he has with him, and owe the remaining fees first. When he has enough then come back and pay the remaining."

Due to a language barrier however, the Bangladeshi worker had difficulty understanding the clinic's staff.

Christy then asked an Indian patient who was at the scene to help with translating, but he questioned her about the situation instead.

"And he surprised me by saying, 'It's okay, I will pay for his bills, just let me know how much. And get him a inhaler for his asthma'," added Christy.

"Doctor and us (colleagues) were shocked and surprised by this Indian patient's actions. I mean, not everyone will help a stranger financially. The bills are not cheap though. $80 over dollars!!"

Praising the man for saving the worker's life and giving him a shout-out for his kind deed, Christy also said, "Bangladeshis have worked very hard for Singapore. We should learn to appreciate them. No harm doing good deeds."

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