Here's why you should be careful when driving along Mandai Road late at night

Submitted by Stomper Raj

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Motorists may not be aware of the wildlife that exists right next to highways and roads in Singapore.

One driver was surprised when he encountered some deer while driving along Mandai Road on Apr 23 after midnight.

Note: The time stamp on the video is not accurate.

Stomper Raj said: "Caution to all drivers who drive along Mandai Road late at night to drive slow.

"These poor animals may cross the road."

Sambar deer sightings in Singapore are rare because these creatures are very shy and are most active at dusk and at night.

In the day, they rest in thick vegetation, making it difficult to spot them.

The sambar (Rusa unicolor) deer is one of the largest deer species in the world, after the moose and the elk. 

They are classified as a vulnerable species.