Here's why Chong Pang Market is a nightmare for drivers

Submitted by Stomper Alex

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A black Mercedes crashed into a white Peugeot just as the former was trying to exit a parking lot at Chong Pang Market on Friday morning (March 2) at about 8.30am.

The incident was captured on Stomper Alex's dashboard camera.

During the time of the incident, Alex’s car was parked next to the black Mercedes. 

In his interview with Stomp, Alex said that drivers often have trouble getting out from their lots due to the area being packed with snaking lines of vehicles.

Said Alex:

“I think the accident happened partly because there were a lot of vehicles behind the Peugeot and he could not wait for the Mercedes to come out first.

“The purpose of sharing the video is to facilitate the Peugeot driver’s insurance claims if he intends to file for compensation. 

Alex said that congestion in the area is often aggravated by the jaywalkers and vehicles going against the traffic.

He cited that the road near the entrance of the carpark was wider to accommodate garbage trucks and other heavy vehicles which would offload their wares to the coffeeshops nearby.

However, some drivers often capitalise on the increased width to drive against traffic, in a bid to save time when exiting the carpark. 

Alex reiterated that normally, the cars would have to make a big round before they can exit. 

He added:

“This area is an accident-prone zone. Society is not that gracious anymore and allowing other cars to go first isn’t the common practice. 

“The area after the turn is also really dirty,  A lot of junk gets thrown there by residents in the area. 

“I hope the authorities would be able to solve the longstanding issue with this carpark.”