Here's a photo of a mum and her daughters, try guessing who is who

A photo of a mother and two daughters has captured the attention of netizens who had trouble identifying who is who thanks to the trio's youthful looks.

In the photo posted on Acid Cow, the three women can be seen posing for the camera.

At this point, before you continue reading the story, have a good look at the photo again and see if you can tell the mother from her two daughters.

Now that you have an answer in mind, let's see if your eyes are as sharp as you think they are.

So, in the photo, the left-most woman is 41-year-old Lure Hsu. On the right is her 36-year-old sister, Sharon.

In between the two is their 63-year-old mother, whose name was not revealed.

Have a look at more photos of the family in the gallery above.