Here we go again: Singaporeans shake vehicle 'vigorously' when pumping petrol in JB

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Yet another group of Singaporeans have been caught on camera shaking their vehicle while pumping petrol in Malaysia.

Stomper N said she saw three people from a Singapore-registered car pumping petrol at the Shell station, located just after crossing the Johor Bahru (JB) checkpoint, on Saturday (Jan 14) at around 7pm.

N, a fellow Singaporean who as visiting JB, shared a video of the incident and said: "They were shaking their car vigorously to get more petrol.

"It's my first time seeing something like this. I just feel that they should not openly shake the vehicle like this as it does not reflect well on Singaporeans in general."

Just last month, a Singaporean family of four drew mockery after they were seen bouncing their car up and down while pumping petrol in JB.

Netizens likened their behaviour to "performing CPR", while some Malaysians said they would never perform such antics.

This isn't a new trend, but the practice of rocking your car back and forth to take in more fuel has been debunked by mechanics.

"The idea that air can escape from the petrol tank by jerking the car may result in only a little bit more petrol to flow in – but the amount is negligible," reported The New Paper.

You also run the risk of petrol overflowing if the car is filled to the brim.