Helper leaves wheelchair-bound woman in between 2 parked cars at roadside -- to buy lottery

Submitted by Stomper J

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A helper apparently 'parked' a wheelchair-bound woman in between two stationary cars by the roadside in Serangoon Gardens and then went to buy lottery.

Stomper J was concerned to see this on Wednesday (Oct 12), at around 5.05pm.

Photos show the elderly woman left in between two parked cars while the helper was in the queue at a Gerk Chwee Trading (an authorised retailer of Singapore Pools) outlet.

J told Stomp: "Helper parked granny on the road between two cars and went to buy her $4.5 million TOTO."

J acknowledged that the helper might have been buying lottery on behalf of the elderly woman, but felt that what she did was unsafe regardless.

The Stomper added: "I should have just told the helper off and reminded her that it was extremely dangerous to leave granny on the road alone."

In a separate incident just a day later (Oct 13), another Stomper shared how she spotted a domestic helper behaving intimately with a man at Waterway Point while looking after her young charges.