Helper falls to floor in tears after family surprises her with cake and McDonald's for her birthday

A helper was moved to tears when the family she works for surprised her on her birthday this month.

Instagram user @anna__leyman shared a video of the sweet moment with @sgfollowsall.

Anna said in the post that her helper, Ruenah, has been with her family since last May.

After confirming when her birthday was by checking Ruenah's work pass, Anna told her they would celebrate her birthday.

"She mentioned that she never celebrated her birthday because they have no money and [her] birthday is just like [a] normal ordinary day to her," said Anna.

On Ruenah's birthday, Anna told her husband to take their two children out to fetch her from work so they could buy food and cake.

They pretended that they had forgotten her birthday so that she would be surprised when they came back with her birthday treat.

"She broke down the moment we open[ed] the door," said Anna.

In the video, one of Anna's daughters is heard saying: "You not baby anymore. Why you cry?"

The video ends with the family singing the birthday song for Ruenah behind a McDonald's spread and a birthday cake.

Anna said she was happy to share this heartwarming moment with the community.

"After all, they're still human[s] that need love after being apart from their family."