Help! Woman looking for lost diamond ring dropped around Haig Road

Submitted by Stomper Andeline

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Stomper Andeline is looking for her engagement ring, which fell out of her bag while she in the vicinity of Haig Road on Sunday afternoon (Oct 14).

She said she was near Haig Road Market Center and going towards Paya Lebar MRT Station at around 3.30pm when she dropped the diamond ring.

"I had taken the ring off to wash my hands and placed it inside my bag," she told Stomp in a phone interview,

"I think it fell out afterwards when I took out my wallet."

According to Andeline, the diamond ring is worth $738.

She added: "I believe the ring was lost when I was at the fruit stand area in the market."

If you have any information regarding the ring, kindly contact us at or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.

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