Help F&B outlets, cleaners and the Earth by using your own food containers, says Stomper

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Stomper Ronnie is encouraging everyone to help one another out in these uncertain times by bringing and using their own food containers when taking away food.

As part of new Covid-19 circuit-breaker measures, dining in at food and beverage outlets will no longer be allowed from April 7 to May 4.

However, you can still buy takeaways or use food delivery services.

In his announcement on Friday (April 3), Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing also said: "I would like to encourage all to bring our clean containers where possible to help reduce the amount of packaging used and be more environmentally sustainable."

Ronnie wrote in to Stomp and appealed for everyone to play their part.

He said: "Hello everyone! I urge everyone to dig out your food containers right now.

"Be prepared if you are going to buy takeaway food for your families or friends.

"There will be an overwhelming surge and huge demand for disposable plastic bags, containers, Styrofoam boxes and utensils.

"Please encourage yourself to use your own forks, spoons and chopsticks instead.

"Please do not take those plastic forks, spoons and chopsticks unnecessarily. Let’s keep them for people who really need it.

"This is a good time to do your part and help one another.

"Help all hawkers and food establishments to reduce costs, cut wastage and prevent shortage. This will allow them to better consolidate their resources and time on operations.

"Let’s all do our part for Planet Earth as well.

"There will be a huge increase in rubbish clearing and garbage disposal. Let's not add more burden on our frontline cleaners and workers.

"Let’s all do our part. You help us, we help you."

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