Hello, auntie... your favourite drama can't be more important than your life

Submitted by Stomper Chua

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Stomper Chua spotted a female driver who was apparently watching a Korean drama while driving on Monday evening (Aug 28).

Her car was moving and not stationary at a traffic light stop either, according to Chua.

This happened along towards a road junction near the Expo.

Said the Stomper:

"It's ok to drive, it's ok to watch videos on your phone. But it's not ok to do both at the same time! Seriously!?

"She was swaying a bit earlier and hogging the lane, going so slowly that other drivers overtook her.

"I thought it was an elderly driver and was shocked when I drove alongside and saw that the driver was happily watching her whatever Korean drama.

"I got my wife to take these photos to make her famous.

"On a serious note, this could have caused a major accident and someone could have died on the road because of an idiotic, selfish person who couldn't wait till she got home."