Woodlands Block 302A residents stranded for 4 hours under block after all 3 lifts break down: MP Halimah Yacob spotted at scene

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Several residents of Block 302A Woodlands Street 32 were left stranded at their void deck when all three of the block's lifts broke down yesterday evening (June 19).

Stomper shared his experience with Stomp over the phone.

He said that residents were stuck at the void deck from 6pm to 10pm when the lifts finally started working again.

Elderly residents in wheelchairs and people who lived on the block's higher floors were especially affected.

The Stomper himself lives on the 32nd floor.

He said:

"One elderly man with a pacemaker was so frustrated he decided to climb the stairs to his apartment on the 21st floor.

"He had gone shopping and his frozen salmon had defrosted while he was waiting for the lifts to start working again.

"Several neighbours and town council members offered to help him.

"I think they reached the eighth storey before the man got tired."

The Stomper said that the town council had provided chairs for the residents and some water while they waited.

They were unable to do much else except wait for the technicians to fix the problem.

The Stomper said that in the morning, two of the lifts were already down due to a power outage but residents were still able to use one lift to go up and down -- till it broke down in the evening.

MP Halimah Yacob also came down to talk to the residents at around 9pm.

The Stomper noted that while there were several neighbours who were frustrated and unhappy at the situation, most of the residents were okay with sitting and chatting with one another as they waited.

Watch the video below.

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