Heartbreaking video of Thai bride telling guests that her groom has run away

A woman's wedding day is one of the most important days in her life.

One can imagine how devastating it must have been for a woman from Ratchaburi Province in Thailand after she was left jilted at the altar by her betrothed.

Jutathip Nimnual, 24, had been due to marry her 20-year-old fiance Phakin Junjerm on Sunday (July 22).

In a Facebook video that has since garnered over 4.6 million views after it was broadcast live on Saturday, Jutathip is seen thanking relatives and friends for attending her wedding despite the absence of a groom.

She said she did not expect the ceremony to turn out this way and apologised if she had not taken good enough care for her guests.

The post sparked an outpouring of sympathy from netizens who expressed support for her.


Posted by Manow Jutathip Nimnual on Saturday, 21 July 2018

According to The Nation, the bride's parents had demanded 2000,000 baht ($8,160) in cash and gold ornaments worth 200,000 baht as a dowry.

One week before their planned wedding, Jutathip was told that Phakin had a secret lover.

Despite this, he said that he would marry her but on Friday (July 20), he simply messaged her on the Line app saying that he would have to cancel the wedding because he could not afford the dowry.

Jutathip's relatives rallied on Saturday to offer her betrothed the 140,000 baht he needed to reach the amount demanded as dowry

However, Phakin could not be found until 11pm on Saturday when his relatives called the bride's family and told them he had been found and that the wedding would continue as planned.

When he went missing-in-action on the big day itself, Jutathip's relatives reportedly begged his young uncle, who bears his likeness, to don a groom's suit and pretend to be Phakin in order to save face for the bride.

However, when the uncle demanded 1 million baht in fulfilling the role, the plan was aborted.

He wrote on his Facebook page that he did demand the above amount because he thought it was ridiculous he had to stand in his nephew's place.

He added that his nephew did not love Jutathip and that she had forced him to agree to marry her.

Jutathip's cousin, Kanyalak Puangmala, 25, told the media that the bride has filed a complaint against Phakin with the police.