Haw Par Villa 'disappointed' at visitor who groped, made fun of and stepped on sculptures

Haw Par Villa has expressed its disappointment in the inappropriate behaviour of a visitor after TikTok videos of her antics circulated online.

TikTok user anniexu403 had posted multiple videos on Monday (Oct 10), documenting her visit to the theme park.

A 20-second clip in particular has drawn over 21,000 views and more than 100 comments, with many netizens criticising the woman's behaviour.

In the video, the woman can be seen stepping onto various exhibits and walking all over them in her heels.



♬ 原声 - Annie Xu

Besides touching and groping the sculptures, she also mimics their poses while smiling for the camera.

Netizens were quick to slam the woman for being disrespectful, with some saying that she had gone overboard.

One user wrote, "You are too much!" while another tagged the Singapore Police Force in the comments section.

On Monday evening, Haw Par Villa posted an official statement on its Facebook page in response to the incident.

It said: "Haw Par Villa reopened in July 2021 and has been receiving significant growth in its visitorship, particularly after the opening of Hell’s Museum in Oct 2021.

"By and large, our visitors have been very well-behaved and we do not have any major incidents to report, even when we have large-scale events such as music festivals.

"Unfortunately, we have had a few incidents with visitors sitting on sculptures despite the numerous signs requesting that visitors do not do so. This is both to preserve the sculptural works of art, as well as for their own safety."

Haw Par Villa said its staff "intervene regularly and firmly" to prevent such negative behaviour, and visitors normally comply without causing further problems.

It added: "The management of Haw Par Villa is disappointed at the behaviour of the visitor who goes by the TikTok username 'anniexu403'.

"Her actions are irresponsible as they not only endanger herself but will also damage the art works. Furthermore, the works reflect Asian cultural values and ethical behaviour which sadly was not displayed by the visitor.

"While we appreciate comments on the TikTok video asking for the visitor to respect the works of art, comments on the visitor’s nationality are inappropriate and unnecessary.

"As Singaporeans, we welcome all nationalities and communities to visit Haw Par Villa and we strive to create a common space for all to enjoy the beautiful works of art on display."