Having a stomachache? Don't call 995

Submitted by Stomper Chin

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Having a stomach ache may be one of the worst pains you can ever experience but you should definitely not call 995 over it.

A funny animated video on the Singapore Civil Defence Force's (SCDF) Facebook page serves as a good reminder to us all not to call 995 unless there is an emergency.

Stomper Chin shared the link to the video with Stomp.

The animated video starts off with a man suffering from stomach pain. He then immediately calls 995. The operator continued talking to the man and reassuring him over the phone, not knowing that the 'pain' that the man was referring to was just stomach pain.

Upon realising that it was only a stomach ache, the operator informed him that he should visit a doctor instead of calling the emergency hotline for his diarrhoea. 

The Stomper shared her thoughts on the video below:

"I think it carries a very important message because we can all play a part in making sure someone gets the help they need in a time of need. We should not call 995 when it is not an emergency. I liked the video because it was engaging, funny and carried a good message. Sharing it because I believe more people should know about it. Good job SCDF!"

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