Have you seen this cutie in a neon green flight suit? $50 reward offered for his safe return

Submitted by Stomper Hazel

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A green cockatiel went missing and was last spotted near Evergreen Secondary School on Oct 13 at 11.30am. 

The cockatiel, Ecco, is 10 months old and is green in colour.

The bird does not have its wings clipped and is fully flighted.

Stomper Hazel's 16-year-old son was out cycling with the bird when a hook attached to the bird, which was connected to a string on his bike, snapped.

She said the bird was wearing a neon green flight suit when he flew up into the trees. 

Hazel's son looked for it in the vicinity and in the trees nearby, but he did not find it.

Hazel has printed posters and put them up near the secondary school and near her home at Block 862 Woodlands Street 83.

She is offering a $50 reward to anyone who finds her bird.

If you have any information about the bird, kindly contact us at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.