Have you seen my pouch that was lost somewhere between Jurong and Yishun?

Submitted by Stomper Linda

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Stomper Linda is offering a reward for anyone who finds her pouch that she lost somewhere between Jurong and Yishun between 9.35pm to 11.45pm on Sep 20.

The Stomper's MCM pouch is beige in colour and of great sentimental value to her.

In an email to Stomp, she wrote:

"Hi, I lost my MCM beige pouch on 20th September 2017 between Jurong MRT, Yishun MRT and Yishun Bus Interchange"

"You may keep the money and cards. Please have a good heart and return this to me. Thank you!"

If you have found the lost pouch, kindly contact Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.