Have you seen my bracelet and ring? They are of great sentimental value to me

Submitted by Stomper Eddie

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Stomper Eddie is trying to look for a bracelet and a ring, both of which he misplaced, that are of great sentimental value to him.

The Stomper said he misplaced the handcuff-like bracelet on June 4, but is unsure where exactly he lost it at.

He thinks that he could have dropped it at these possible locations; Zouk, Clarke Quay, Changi Airport Terminal Three Departure Transit Lounge and the open departure area, Changi Airport train station, the train that was I on itself.

Eddie said he fell on the train when it jerked, so there is a possibility of it being force unhooked and dropping there.

"The train that I was on departed from Changi at about 4.30pm on the East West MRT Line, reaching Tiong Bahru station at about 5.15pm," said Eddie. 

"It could also have dropped at Tiong Bahru Station, the supermarket at Tiong Bahru Plaza, the bus stop opposite the mall, and bus service number 123 that I was on at around Saint Theresa's Convent," added the Stomper.

Eddie scoured the neighbourhood and checked all his bags but did not find the missing item.

Said the Stomper, "The lost silver cuff bracelet has engraved wordings on it.'Live the life you love' is written on one side and 'love the life you live' on the other side. 

"The bracelet is a silver piece, made by an artisan designer in Japan and was gotten after she had passed on, on her first death anniversary.

"The time I got it was also the period of my sibling's graduation and tea ceremony graduation as a tea master, but more importantly, it embodies the essence of my granny's last words to me.

"It is something of extreme sentimental value to me where the words hold a plethora of meanings in more ways than one and it would really mean a lot to me if this could be kindly shared so that there may be a better chance of getting the bracelet's return.

"And if you were the person who happened to have found it, please drop contact me as it would mean the world to me for the item's return as it holds much meaning and value to me."

The Stomper also lost a size twelve Celtic wave ring on a train on the North South MRT Line at Khatib at around 11.30am a few months ago.

"I had no luck of finding it at SMRT's lost and found despite giving exact details," said Eddie.

If you have any information on the bracelet or ring, please email Stomp (stomp@stomp.com.sg) or send us a message through WhatsApp (9384 3761).