Handsome guys give out 100 roses to healthcare workers on Valentine's Day

Submitted by Stomper Christina

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On Valentine's Day (Feb 14), two men distributed 100 roses to healthcare workers.

Stomper Christina alerted Stomp to the admirable initiative.

"These two handsome guys spent their Valentine's Day giving our roses to doctors and nurses at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) a form of appreciation," she said.

She shared a video posted on Facebook by one of the men, musician Jee Yon.


The video is a photo montage of him and his friend giving out roses, not just to doctors and nurses but administrative staff and security personnel at SGH as well.

Jee Yon wrote that their only objective was to celebrate Valentine's Day with medical personnel.

He added in his post that he was spurred to do this after reading a report on a nurse who was ostracised on a public bus.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, there have been reports of people giving healthcare workers a wide berth in public spaces and of private-hire and taxi drivers being reluctant to pick them up after their night shifts.

"Without the frontliners working around the clock for us, there won't be anyone there when we are ill," he said.

"Please treat them with respect and love.

"Encourage them in every way and work hand-in-hand to battle this 2020 crisis."