Handicapped e-scooter rider sustains bruises after being hit by teenage cyclist in Ang Mo Kio

Submitted by Stomper Rebecca

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While heading out for dinner, Stomper Rebecca was riding her e-scooter down a slope when she was hit by a teenage cyclist.

Rebecca, who is handicapped, told Stomp that she requires an e-scooter to be able to move around.

The incident took place at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 on 6 Feb at around 6pm.

In a telephone interview with Stomp, Rebecca said that the boy was cycling "really fast" .

She had tried to turn her e-scooter to avoid the accident but unfortunately the rear wheel of the teenage boy's bicycle hit her leg.

"My e-scooter lost balance and I nearly fell," Rebecca told Stomp.

Upon confronting the boy, the boy "just said sorry".

"To me it's not a matter of saying sorry. It's a matter of the consequences," explained Rebecca.

She said, "Who is going to pay for my visit to the doctor?"

Rebecca further elaborated that she has been trying very hard to take care of her 80-year-old mother and "cannot afford" anything else to happen to her that would affect her ability to take care of her mother.

She then said that one of the boy's friends came out of the nearby McDonald's outlet and told her that it was "just a small matter" and asked her why she was shouting.

"My 80-year-old mother cannot hear properly, so I have to shout. I don't realise that my voice is loud when I speak to other people sometimes," said the Stomper.

She told Stomp that she was also "very angry" given the fact that there was a sign prominently displayed that read, "No Cycling."

After the incident, she went home and discovered that she had two bruises on her leg. She also had pain in her right wrist.

"Can feel pain on my back and my neck too," added Rebecca.

She also experienced a similar incident in October 2017 where a young boy had almost hit her with a bicycle while she was at a lift lobby. There was also a poster there which informed members of the public not to cycle in the area.

She added, "Since the poster is not doing its job, I think the authorities need to step in."