Hair-pulling, shoving and rolling on roadside in fight among 4 women at Geylang

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A fight broke out among four women along Sims Avenue in Geylang.

It is unclear when exactly the incident occurred, but a video of the altercation started circulating on social media on Friday (Nov 9).

In the video which several Stompers sent to Stomp, the women are seen tussling by the roadside and on the pavement, where they pushed and shouted at one another.

The commotion had drawn a crowd of curious onlookers, some of whom were filming the scene with their phones, but only two men can be seen trying to intervene.

One of the men not only tried to separate the women, but even helped to pick up their belongings -- including heels -- from the road as the women continued to fight.

It is unclear what the dispute was about.

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