GV responds to incident of woman resting feet on cinema seat at Great World City

Submitted by Stomper Concerned Singaporean

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Stomper Concerned Singaporean was left "absolutely horrified" when she saw a cinemagoer with her feet propped up on the seat in front of her, at Golden Village (GV) Gemini in Great World City on May 26 at 10.10pm.

In a photo shared by the Stomper, a woman is seen lounging in her seat with both her bare feet up on the headrest of the seat in front, while holding a box of popcorns.

Concerned Singaporean said: "I was absolutely horrified to see a cinemagoer treat the comfortable seats in the cinema as her footstool.

"Even her partner did not correct her for this graceless behaviour.

"Have we turned into a thankless society who treats public property as their own just because we have paid to use it?

"This is absolutely shameful.

"Maybe home is the only safe space where one can watch movies these days."

In response to a Stomp query, a GV spokesman said: "At GV,  since 2015, we ran several cinema etiquette campaigns through pre-show screen ads reminding our patrons to be considerate to other movie-goers in the movie theatres. 

"The most recent cinema etiquette video on GV screens is by the Singapore Kindness Movement titled 'Ben and Bang'.

"When encountered with any inappropriate behaviour in the cinemas, patrons are advised to alert or seek the assistance of staff or manager on duty."

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