Guys, you won't look so cool if you get knocked down

Submitted by Stomper Soon

Stomper Soon was annoyed when he came across a group of youths on bicycles riding along Tampines Avenue 4, just outside Our Tampines Hub (OTH) on Thursday (July 6) at around 5pm. 

The incident was captured on a dashboard camera on his vehicle, and he forwarded it to Stomp.

In the footage, the group could be seen occupying three lanes on the road, with some riders recklessly cutting across lanes.

According to Soon, he slowed down his vehicle and sounded his horn just as he was about to make a left turn. 

There is however, no audio recording in the video.

Despite Soon’s frustration, the youths were unaffected, some of them even circling around, to join the rest who had cycled onto a traffic island. 

Said Soon: "These kids just cycle on the road like they own it. After I sounded my horn at them, they stared at me and continued.

"This kind of reckless behaviour can result in accidents.

"Hope the parents of these kids see the video and discipline their children properly."