Guy working on motorbike leaves spray paint marks on walkway at Stirling Road

Submitted by Stomper B1188

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper B1188 was on his way to Queenstown Polyclinic from his home at Block 55 Stirling Road on Monday morning (Apr 22) when he saw a man leaving paint marks on the walkway near his block.

The man was working on his motorcycle and was spray painting some of its parts.

"I witnessed an event that was both mind-boggling and troubling," said the Stomper who was on his way to Queenstown Polyclinic when he came across the man.

"The man was dismantling parts of his motorcycle along the HDB corridor and walkway.

"What was most amazing and ridiculous was his attempts to spray paint the various parts without consideration for the clean environment around the block.

"He took no action to place used newspapers to protect the walkway and corridor, thus leaving ugly sights of paint marks all over.

"Surely, no one will condone such behaviour that is morally wrong and offensive, devoid of civic consciousness.