Guy throws traffic cone from upper storey of HDB block

Update on Feb 19:

The culprit has been arrested for Rash Act and police investigations are ongoing.

Read the full update here: 19-year-old guy who threw traffic cone down Tampines Block 856 arrested

Original story:

A video of a man throwing a traffic cone from an upper storey of what is believed to be an HDB block has been circulating online.

The recording of an Instagram story was posted on Fabrications About The PAP's Facebook page has since garnered over 32,000 views.

The guy is seen carrying a traffic cone towards the ledge at a stairwell as his friend records him.

As the guy lifts the traffic cone closer to the edge, his friend laughs and says in Malay, "Stupid! Are you serious? Don't be ridiculous!"

The guy turns back and laughs before actually swinging the cone over the ledge and his friend bursts out into more laughter and shouts at him, "Stupid!"

It is unclear where or when this happened.

Watch the video below.