Guy throws baby's bolster from HDB block after getting "rejected" by resident

A young man was caught on video throwing a baby's bolster from a HDB block in a video that has gone viral on Facebook.

Facebook user Fazreen Sallim posted the video on his personal Facebook page with the caption:

"This was taken at my front door. People doing door to door sales? When rejected, this fellow proceed to throw out our baby’s pillow off the corridor (sic).

"Let’s help make them famous. Hope the authorities would find them soon."

In the video, three guys approach the unit and one of them asks someone inside if she "has a few minutes".

A woman's voice is then heard replying, "Sorry".

Before the trio leave, one of the guys picks up a bolster from a laundry rack outside the unit and throws it from the common corridor.

Stomp has contacted Fazreen for more information.