Guy takes $10 sunglasses and stuffs it in his pocket at shopping mall store

Submitted by Stomper Raymond

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A man was caught on CCTV footage taking a pair of sunglasses from a store in a shopping mall and putting it into his jeans pocket, before leaving the premises.

According to Stomper Raymond, the incident took place on July 22 at 12.53pm. He said that it occurred in Paya Lebar Square, though Stomp is unable to confirm this.

Raymond contributed a video that started off with the man holding a pair of shades in his left hand, while continuing to browse the other sunglasses on display.

At this point, he can be seen placing the shades into his left jeans pocket.

Afterwards, the man continued turning and looking at the spinning display rack, before trying on another pair of sunglasses.

He then took off the sunglasses and placed it back on the display rack, with help from a female employee.

The video shows him also repeatedly touching his left jeans pocket and pulling down his shirt over the pocket.

The man then went on browsing other items at two other spots in the shop, before appearing to bid farewell to the store employee with a wave and leaving the place.

Stomper Raymond said, "This man entered a ladies fashion store and took $10 sunglasses!"

Watch what happened in the video below.