Guy stands in Pepys Road lot to 'chope' it for friend even though another driver is waiting

Submitted by Stomper Thean

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Is reserving a lot by standing in it acceptable if there are other drivers waiting?

Stomper Thean was frustrated when a man stepped into a lot that was recently vacated at Pepys Road on Wednesday morning (July 17).

The Stomper said he had driven to Pepys Road to eat his breakfast at a coffee shop before heading to work at about 8.20am.

In the video, Thean is seen reversing his car to make way for an exiting vehicle.

However, a man smoking a cigarette soon steps into the lot and blocks it. He is seen gesturing at his friend who is behind Thean.

After a while, a white car appears and reverses into the lot.

"I asked him if this is the new pattern to chope-ing a parking lot," said Thean.

"His friend's car was far behind me but he used his body to block the lot and chope it for his friend.

"He replied me, 'Yes, this is the way!'

"I find it wrong that he used his body to chope a lot that does not belong to him."

Since there were no more lots, Thean temporarily left his car to buy breakfast-to-go and drove off.

"Is it right to chope parking lots in this manner?" he asked.

"This guy was more like a road bully."