Guy responds to job ad for delivering fishballs, gets offered $600 to smuggle duty-unpaid cigarettes instead

Submitted by Stomper Herman

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Stomper Herman responded to a job ad listed on online marketplace Carousell on Monday (Aug 26) that was looking for class 3 drivers to delivery fishballs.

The so-called company was offering $150 a day to someone to work a five-day workweek.

However, when Herman asked for more details, the contact person started talking about an entirely different (and illegal) job.

Herman was told the job involved delivering duty-unpaid cigarettes from Johor Bahru to Singapore and that he would be given $600 per trip, $300 upfront and another $300 afterwards.

The contact added that he would provide a 'modified' car that can be 'driven home'.

Herman sarcastically replied that he would consult with Singapore Customs and the Singapore Police Force before proceeding with the job.

"Be careful and please spread this around," said Herman.