Guy punches driver in road rage incident at carpark

A van driver was caught on video punching a car driver during a road rage incident at a carpark.

In a dashboard camera video posted on, the van driver is first seen waiting by the side of the road for a parking lot.

The driver of a red car that is next to the van reverses into an empty parking lot, at the same time that the van driver attempts to do so.

As the car driver continues to park, the van driver gets out of his vehicle and gestures angrily.

He then goes over to the car driver, and appears to argue with him before punching him.

The van driver then walks back to his vehicle, still gesturing angrily at the car driver.

As the van driver drives off, the car driver gets out of his vehicle and takes a photo of the van.

It is unclear what the two said to one another during the dispute, or who had the right to the parking lot. 

Fortunately, no parking lot was harmed in this episode.