Guy pockets $4 bird cup from shop at Jalan Eunos

Submitted by Stomper Joe

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A man was caught on camera taking a bird cup worth about $4 from a shop at Jalan Eunos and putting it in his pocket on Saturday (Sep 2).

Stomper Joe, the owner of the bird store, shared the video with Stomp.

In the video, the guy takes the cup off the shelf with his right hand.

In his other hand is a packet of what is believed to be bird feed. 

He walks around the store talking to the staff with the two items in his hands.

"I think he was trying to distract my staff," said Joe.

The man then walks back to the shelf and slowly puts the cup in the right pocket of his shorts.

He then grabs another item from the shelf and walks around again.

"I just want to warn other stores in the area about this guy," said Joe.

Watch the video below.