Man rides e-scooter past driver and cuts into pavement -- then goes as fast as car

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With the number of accidents involving personal mobility devices (PMD) on the rise, their riders are getting an increasingly bad rep -- and this guy is not helping.

The man was caught on camera riding his e-scooter recklessly on the road and on the pavement.

A video of the incident, believed to have occurred on Oct 3 according to its time-stamp, was posted by Facebook page SG Road Vigilante.

In the video, the man can be seen riding his e-scooter past a car driver at a pedestrian crossing.

He then continues riding by the roadside until a break in the bushes allows him to cut into a pavement, where he carries on riding.

The e-scooter rider appears to be travelling at a relatively fast speed as the car can be seen trailing behind it.

The car then visibly speeds up, before catching up with the e-scooter rider and overtaking him.

A Stomper, who watched the clip, said: "This PMD user rode dangerously and recklessly on the pavement at possibly 50km/h or faster! He might have injured someone on the pavement!"

Netizens have also expressed similar sentiments in the comments section of the Facebook video.

One user said: "This dude asking for death wish (sic)... look at his speed, can kill anyone if not careful," while another wrote: "That speed is perfect to kill."

Under the Active Mobility Act, there is a speed limit of 10km/h for e-scooters on footpaths. They are not allowed on roads.