Guy in China proposes to GF with 99 containers of crayfish

Some people go to great lengths to propose to their partners.

From extravagant gifts to elaborate surprises, it is a game of constant one-upmanship for those who think that the more memorable the proposal, the higher the chance of success.

Take this Romeo in China for example, as reported by Shanghaiist.

He decided that 99 containers filled with crayfishes was the surefire way to his beloved girlfriend's heart.

The graduate from Nanjing laid out the containers to spell out the word "Love" and the shape of a heart.

When the girl, whose favourite food happens to be crayfish, stepped into the heart, the guy said to her:

"I've just graduated this year. I don't have the money to buy you a car or a home, but I have a heart that will follow you to the ends of the earth."

His earnest words, the tasty food and the sweet gesture did the trick, as the girl said yes to his proposal.