Guy goes psycho on multiple women who rejected him -- even after only 1 date

Rejection never feels good, whether you are the one dishing it out or the recipient.

Most of us learn to accept rejection, treat it as a lesson and move on with life.

Others, however, take it very personally.

Melody Yap, who is part of popular food blog ironladychef and married to its founder Brad Lau, recently took to Facebook to share how a guy, 'W', went 'apeshit' on her friend following their first date.

W and Melody's friend had matched on Tinder and met for lunch.

The latter subsequently told W that they were not suited for each other -- only for him to turn verbally abusive, insult her family, as well as threaten to visit her workplace to lodge a complaint against her.

When blocked on WhatsApp, W continued flooding the girl with nasty texts.

According to Melody, a police report has been made.

However, it seems like Melody's friend is not the first victim that W has harassed.

"After I shared this incident on my Instagram, to my horror, so many girls came forward & called him out—each sharing their experiences with him. They were mostly similar: that he couldn't handle the rejection & started insulting + threatening women," wrote Melody.

Here are some things that W did when rejected:

  • Call the women derogatory and vulgar names

  • Threaten to lodge a police report against them

  • Lecture them about karma

  • Insult their parents and say their entire families will burn in hell

  • Curse their future children

W also claimed in one of his texts that he is "strictly monogamous" and "takes dating and relationships seriously".

Err, we think he is a little too serious.

Check out Melody's full post below or in the gallery.