Guy gets a little too comfy during bus ride from Hougang to Sengkang

Submitted by Stomper Helmi

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While it is completely normal to nod off during our commute, a man was so tired that he sprawled out to sleep on Bus 87 on Sunday morning (Dec 2).

Stomper Helmi said he boarded the bus along Hougang Avenue 8 at around 10.30am and saw that the man was already sleeping on the back row of seats.

A photo taken by Helmi shows the man lying face-down without his shoes on.

The Stomper said: "Everyone just ignored him, not wanting to wake him.

"It was a 10 to 15-minute ride until we reached Sengkang Bus Interchange, where I called the driver to wake him up.

"I thought it was quite weird that he was sleeping in this manner on the bus.

"Maybe it was the hot weather that day."