Guy ends up with uneven hair after visiting Woodlands salon, told 'it will grow back'

Submitted by Stomper Joshua

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With circuit breaker measures starting to ease up, hair salons are open once again for those seeking a much-needed haircut.

Stomper Joshua visited a hair salon in Woodlands on Tuesday morning (May 19) but was left wishing he had not gone at all after a botched haircut.

Joshua, who paid for a $10 haircut + $5 wash at H I Salon's Woodlands outlet, recounted: "I went there in the late morning.

"After the aunty cut my hair, I realised that my hair was not balanced

"When I told her that she had cut my hair unevenly, she tried to deny that it was her fault and said, 'It's okay, boy, your hair will grow back, don't think so much about it.

"I told her to try and make my hair balanced but she said cannot and that my hair would grow back. She told me, 'Boy ah, your hair like this is okay one. You don't go think and look at your hair is fine already.'"

After his negative experience, Joshua went to take a look at the salon's Facebook page and noticed that there were "a lot of bad reviews".

The Stomper left a review too and it has been shared over 200 times.

Joshua noted that there were others who had a similar experience with the same hairdresser.

DJ-influencer Jade Rasif also commented on Joshua's review and said: "Omg poor thing."

Joshua told Stomp that it was it first time visiting H I Salon.

Well, looks like it will also be his last.

View more photos of Joshua's hair in the gallery.

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