Driver makes police report after finding screws in tyres and "suspicious" man in car cam video

Submitted by Stomper Alvin

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Stomper Alvin was shocked when he found a screw embedded in each of his rear tyres last Friday (Mar 2).

He was headed to The Frontier Community Club from his in-laws' place at Westwood Crescent when he heard "ticking sounds" coming from his tyres.

That was when he found the screws.

When he reviewed his rear car camera footage, he noticed a man in a white singlet standing "suspiciously" near his vehicle between 7.56 to 7.59pm that evening while his car was parked at Westwood Crescent.

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"He can be seen bending down at both of the rear tyres of my car which coincidentally is where the screws were found," said the Stomper.

"The screws were also chun chun right in the middle of each tyre.

"If it was just one tyre, I could have just dismissed it as me accidentally driving over one."

Stomp had previously reported on residents at Westwood Crescent using rubbish bins and potted plants to "chope" parking lots.

"I think that the guy thought I had taken his lot," said Alvin.

"However, the bin was on the grass patch when I parked. I'm not sure who moved it back to the road after I had parked my car.

"I did not do it on purpose to anger him or anything."

Alvin told Stomp that he felt helpless and does not feel confronting the resident will work things out.

"This is not only vandalism but endangering life (family with young kids)," he said.

"It’s very fortunate I discovered the screws early before I fetched my child from night class.

"If not, I can't imagine what would have happened if the rear tyres had blown off. 

"This would then be considered as murder at the most serious case!"

Alvin said that he has made a police report and shared a copy of it with Stomp.