Guy buys weighing scale online and what he gets is literally of epic proportions

Anyone who has ever shopped online will know that it can be a risky business.

However, problems can be avoided if we are careful enough by reading everything clearly and checking other reviews.

A Facebook user recently learned his lesson the hard way when he purchased a weighing scale online.

The item was shipped from Shanghai, China to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

While he did indeed receive his scale, it was in a miniature size and certainly not something he could weigh himself on like he had assumed.

He wrote in his Facebook post, "[The seller] is not wrong. The one who's wrong is us. The fault lies with me not knowing English."

According to photos he shared, the item's listing had stated that the weighing scale, which costs RM12 (around S$3.80) was meant for decorating a dollhouse.