Guy borrows money from friend saying his mum passed away -- then goes MIA when asked to return

Who would do this to their own friends? A guy has allegedly been scamming his acquaintances and friends by cooking up different stories to get them to lend him money.

Stomper Joanne fell victim to her friend Jeremy, and after sharing her story, realised that she was not the first. 

She shared in a phone interview with Stomp about her experience. 

Jeremy had first contacted her through Facebook, saying that his mother had passed away and needed money to make funeral arrangements. 

The texts dated May 23, shows him rushing her to transfer the money, saying it was "urgent". 

Even though the Stomper was in a meeting, she went out of her way and asked a friend to help her transfer $100 to him. He tried asking for $300, which Joanne rejected. 

He told her he would return it at the end of the month when he got his pay. 

Come payday, he ignored Joanne's repeated texts about the money. Joanne decided to share her story online when another friend told her she experienced the same thing. 

Jeremy eventually returned the money after her story went public, saying that it's "only $100". 

"It's not about the money, it's a small sum, I just don't want him to scam other people anymore," Joanne said. 

After sharing the story, a few others contacted her, saying they have also been scammed by him. They were strangers to her, but they had one mutual friend -- Jeremy.

He cooked up schemes like investments and more, even producing an 'official-looking' email from UOB to get people to believe him. He used different numbers to contact his friends. One party who invested was apparently conned of $30,000.

Joanne mentioned that she tried calling, but all his numbers could not be called through.

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