Guy beaten up after allegedly grabbing girl's butt at M'sian shopping mall carpark

A woman in Malaysia took to Facebook to post about allegedly getting molested in a shopping mall's carpark lot recently.

The woman wrote that she had gone to AEON in BalakongĀ but realised she had left her ba in her car, and returned to retrieve it.

On her way back to her vehicle, she noticed a man behaving suspiciously and following her, so she stopped and asked, "What do you want?"

"That's when he ran forward and grabbed my butt," said the woman inĀ her post.

"Shocked, I quickly ran away while screaming for help and called my boyfriend to come and rescue me.

"I thought I had lost him but when I looked behind the pervert was standing behind me and wanted to carry me but could not do so."

The woman elaborated in her post that the man was relentless and even grabbed her jacket, though she thankfully managed to escape from his hold and run to her boyfriend.

The victim and her boyfriend informed the mall's security guards and lodged a police report about the incident.

The police apprehended the man after spotting him walking around the carpark.

Photos posted online show the man lying on the road and bleeding from his nose, possibly from getting roughed up by others before the police caught him.

When questioned by the police on why he molested the woman, he simply said "I don't know," according to a The Coverage report.

After the woman's post went viral, she soon learned that one of her friends also experienced a similar incident.